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Dentsply Prime & Bond NT 3.5ml

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Quick Overview

Components of Prime & Bond NT and their functions

PENTA Adhesion promoter, wetting aid and crosslinker
UDMA resin Resin molecule of intermediate elasticity when cured
Resin R5-62-1 Elastomeric element in the cured network
T-Resin Small, crosslinking molecule
D-resin Small, mobile resin molecule for good dentine infiltration
Nanofiller Nanoscale functionalised filler for increased strength and crosslinking
Initiators Initiate the light- curing reaction
Stabiliser Stabilises material during storage
Cetylamine Fluoride Source
Acetone Solvent and carrier for the resins; water displacer.
Adhesion of SpectrumTPH to etched enamel, bonding agent Prime&Bond NT:

Adhesion of SpectrumTPH to etched dentine, bonding agent Prime&Bond NT:

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Universal self-priming dental adhesive Combines primer and adhesive in a single bottle Excellent bond strengths Protection against microleakage

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